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5 Best Vaporizer Steamers For Cold And Cough in India For 2021

If you want to get rid of allergies, flu, or Covid-19 (Corona) symptoms like nasal congestion, shortness of breath and cough, etc. without taking any medicine, then get rid of them all at your home with Steam Inhalation. For this, it is necessary to have a private steamer at your home.

These versatile devices are designed in such a way that the vaporizer is designed with a compact steaming system to provide maximum steam without damaging your skin. As there are many steamers and inhalers available online, choosing the right one from all of these can be a difficult process. Read this article to know about the Best Vaporizer Steamers For Cold And Cough in India before buying one.

If you have trouble breathing or want to take care of asthma, in addition to the steamer, you want to check out the best nebulizer machines.

What is Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation is one of the most widely used home remedies that is proven to help calm the nasal passages and relieve symptoms of cold or sinus infections.

Also called steam therapy, it involves inhalation of water vapor. Hot and moist air is believed to loosen mucus in the nasal passages, throat, and lungs. It relieves the symptoms of swollen, inflamed blood vessels in your nasal passages.

While inhalation of steam causes an infection, such as a cold or flu, it can fight your body, while helping you feel much better. But as with any home remedy, So that’s why we are Reviewing some Best Steam Inhalers for Cold and Cough in India.

Benefits of Steam Inhalation

Some of these symptoms can be temporarily relieved by steam inhalation:

  • Common cold
  • Flu (influenza)
  • Sinus infection (infectious sinusitis)
  • Bronchitis
  • Nasal allergy

Although the results of clinical studies have been mixed, anecdotal evidence claims that inhalation of steam has been helpful in many things:

  • Headache
  • Congested (stuffy) nose
  • Sore throat
  • Breathing problems due to airway congestion
  • Dry or irritated nasal passages
  • Cough

Side effects of steam inhalation

If corrected, steam inhalation is considered a safe home remedy, but it is very possible to inadvertently injure yourself if precautions are not taken.

If you make contact with hot water, keep in mind the risk of scaling yourself. The biggest risk is accidentally dropping a bowl of hot water into your lap, which can cause severe burns in sensitive areas.

To avoid burning:

  • Ensure that the hot water bowl is on a level, sufficient surface and can be adequately knocked down.
  • Attack or lean on the bowl.
  • Avoid allowing your eye contact to vaporize. Your eyes should be closed and away from steam.
  • Keep the bowl of hot water out of the reach of children or pets.

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10 Best Vaporizer Steamers For Cold And Cough in India

HealthSense Nano-Cure FS 550 Medical Facial Steamer Inhaler Vaporizer

HealthSense Nano-Cure FS 550 Medical Facial Steamer Inhaler Vaporizer

Healthsense nano curing facial ionic steam inhaler and vaporizer. This steamer uses advanced nano-ionic steam technology and a fragmented atomization system to penetrate and moisturize the skin to produce ionic steam particles up to 4,000 times finer, hot-spring-like waves than conventional steam.

Nano-steam not only gives you a deep and thorough cleansing experience by opening pores but also moisturizes the skin and stimulates circulation in the face. In addition, the stylish, compact and hand-held design allows you to steam your face and have a healthy, natural-looking complexion whenever you want and wherever you go.

Healthsense is working to make the Best Steam Inhalers for Cold and Cough in India for many Years


  • Nano-Cure does not sprinkle water from the outlet, unlike other vaporizers.
  • Alleviates sinusitis, allergies, rhinitis & other breathing disorders.
  • The steam passes through a UV Lamp to ensure hygiene while the skin & nasal passage is being treated.
  • Produces fine nanometer-sized steam with negatively charged ions resulting in 10X more effective and faster absorption.
  • Ceramic PTC heating element ensures fast heating within 40 seconds.
Check Price on Amazon
Powerful Nano SteamExpensive
Beautiful Design

Asbob 3 In 1 Steam Vaporizer, Nose Steamer, Cough Steamer

Asbob 3 In 1 Steam Vaporizer, Nose Steamer, Cough Steamer

Asbob Facial Sauna Steamer Inhaler and Vaporizer are mostly used for cold relief or skincare, in case of cold and cough relief, we need a decongestion capsule or some decongest oil to put with a vaporizer. So that you can get the most out of it.

For Facial Sauna – Go Clean Facial Sauna Vaporizing Machine provides you with every possible solution for your face, it keeps your skin rejuvenated, fresh, and bacteria-free which produces pimples/pimples, whites, and blackheads which make the skin Causes problems. Facial sauna is a defined process with 4-5 steps: 1 – Pure 2 – Steam 3 – Exfoliate 4 – Moisturizing.

  1. Cleansing or washing your face is the first step to prepare your skin to steam thoroughly by removing dirt and bacteria.
  2. After facial cleansing, steam for 5–10 minutes to open your pores so that blackheads or whiteheads appear on the uppermost layer of the skin so that they can be removed by the exfoliation process.
  3. Exfoliate or scrubbing, this process is used to remove all blackheads, dead skin cells, or whiteheads that appear on the uppermost layer of skin after sauna steam, using a mild scrub to perform this procedure. It is recommended to do. Please note- For people who have pimples/rash on their skin, there is no need to exfoliate the skin, as in the process the pimples burn or become irritable, so stop exfoliation.
  4. Moisturizing or Toning, Moisturization is very important to keep the skin hydrated at all times, so always apply mild toner after exfoliation. 
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The vaporizer helps to clear the clogsNot-Returnable
3 In 1 Steamer(Nasal, Cough, Nozzle)

Healthgenie 3 In 1 Steam Sauna Regular Steam Vaporizer

3 in 1 Extra Steam Inhaler Sauna Healthgenie Vaporizer is unique in nature it is useful for both health and beauty. Healthgenie Steam vaporizer is highly effective and easy to use for personal use. It is ideal for the purpose of breathing during a cold or respiratory problem. The vaporizer is convenient to take on the go and also at home.

It has a plastic body that is shock-resistant and comes with a long cord. The vaporizer has another advantage, it can be used for a beauty purpose with a sauna, you can use a steamer during cleansing, cleansing, or removing clogs from the face. The length of the umbilical cord is about 105 cm.

“Note: You may experience a mild smell of burning plastic due to heating and settling the virgin plastic in initial use. Therefore it is highly recommended to wash the Healthgenie vaporizer with lukewarm water before first use”


  • Capacity- 1200ml
  • Shock free and light
  • The nasal steamer is provided to promote relief from cold
  • Smooth edge for the nasal and facial purpose
Check Price On Amazon
Shock free and lightSome people have complained of the smell
High Capacity

Healthgenie Steam Sauna Vaporizer Facial Steamer And Steam Inhaler For Cold And Cough

Healthgenie Steam Sauna Vaporizer Facial Steamer And Steam Inhaler For Cold And Cough

The Healthgenie steamer inhaler is designed keeping in mind many safety factors such as water spraying, light shock, and child safety. The Healthgenie steamer inhaler has a plastic body that protects you from any electric shock. They should always have a steamer or vaporizer as it helps in clearing the nasal blockages and at the same time steam can bring the glow to your face.

With this, you can comfortably control the amount of steam by adjusting it to your level. You can relieve yourself from any swelling and respiratory congestion.


  • Auto Power Off
  • 2 Heat Settings
  • 3 Minute Fast Heating
  • 360′ Rotatable nasal mask
  • 15 Min Run Time
Check Price On Amazon
Shock Proof Design50 Ml Capacity
360′ Rotatable

Newnik V108 Vaporizer & Steam Inhaler

Newnik has a beautiful steam inhaler vaporizer to fit every member of the family. Newnik vaporizer provides the perfect sleek design for adults for children, relieving congestion and rejuvenating the skin. These innovative steam inhalers help you breathe easily while giving you a stylish touch in any room.

The Newnik Vaporizer V108 is designed keeping in mind many safety factors such as water spraying, child safety, shockproof, boiling water in a plastic container, auto-off, home facial spa, and many other benefits.

Numeric vaporizer V108 is more profitable than the traditional approach. There is no worry about water cooling in the open environment. No need to hide the towel. In addition, it is more secure and also saves time.


  • Sleek and Stylish Design
  • 3 Setting Switch
  • Adjustable Steam Control with Switch
  • Deep Pore Cleansing
  • Relief from Throat Irritation, Coughs, and Congestion

Check Price on Amzon
20 Min RuntimeNot-Returnable
360′ Rotatable Mask


I hope that our article would have liked the Best Vaporizer Steamers For Cold and Cough in India For 2021 and it would have been useful for you to buy a good vaporizer.

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