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Dr First (GERMAN) Facial Steamer Inhaler Vaporizer for Face, Nose, Cold, Cough & Sinus (ONE YEAR WARRANTY)

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(as of Nov 09,2021 20:45:05 UTC – Details)

Dr First’s Facial Steamer is a user-friendly device, crafted to perfection- Steam therapy for health and beauty. A multi-utility product, Dr First’s Facial Steamer can be used for immediate relief from severe cold and cough. You can enhance the steam’s properties by dropping in a decongestion pill or few drops of any decongestion oil. The product helps clear mucus and provides immediate relief from chest congestion and bronchitis. Steaming can help you get rid of that blocked nose! Our product is primarily a facial steamer and can be used by people of all skin types. Dr First’s Facial Steamer has a sleek design that accommodates your face easily, which in turn makes sure that the steam reaches all parts of your face uniformly. As the steam unclogs blocked pores, you can almost immediately see your skin glow. The Steamer has a unique Steam control system and adjustable temperature control which lets you manually adjust the amount of vapour that flows out. This in turn ensures effective removal of acne and blackhead-causing bacteria, gently rejuvenating the skin. Follow this up with a mild exfoliator to get the perfect At-home facial!
PACKAGE CONTENT:-2 Temperature settings Comes with Nasal Mask, Face Mask and Aroma Tray. You can add inhalant for cold Relief and Congestion, The warm, moist steam relieves persistent cold and cough.
FEATURES:- Easily adjustable steam control User friendly design that can accommodate your face contours to enable proper steaming Easy to clean detachable units De-greases your face, deep cleanses your pores and even removes excess makeup clogged in your pores. Promulgates efficient blood circulation in your face to give you a natural glow from within. Relieves cold, runny nose and sinus problems Kills germs in your upper respiratory tract- effective against virus and other bacteria.
MAINTENANCE:- Kindly clean the product after every use (to remove any dirt or dust). Remove the plug after use & wait until the product completely cools. Use a dry cloth to wipe off the insides thoroughly.


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