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GrowKaro Air Purifying Live Ficus Compacta Indoor Plant In Beautiful Sky Blue Metal Pot Decorated on Cycle Stands for Home & Living Room Décor | Office Desk

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Ficus can be kept indoor as well as outdoors. It can be easily maintained in homes, hotels and offices.Humidity – It prefers high humiditu so keep misting in dry areas wherer humidity so keeo misting in dry areas where humidity goes below 15%. Addtionally they can be grouped together with other plants to remain moist. There are various ways to propagare ficus. Easisr methos is tip cutting 4″tips cutting is taken and kept in cocopeat for root development ,Preferably after applying a rooting hormone. Scondly its stem can also be put in soil for developing soil. Since it is a plant which prefers to remain in low light conditions, always it in east direction, Never keep in west direction . Provide artificial grow lights of kept in low light area. Frequent change of location or temperature can disturb the health of a plant as it prefer to remain in same place. Infestation – Ficus is susceptible to few pests and fungus. Keep spraying neem oil every months to protect the plant from all teh types of diseases.
🍀 Temperature – ficus can be maintained well between 15 to 35 C. Keep it in sun in case of cold weather and protect from direct sun light if temperature rises above 35C
🍀 Soil – Ficus never likes wet feet so prepare a well draining soil consisting of 30-40% river sand in addition to garden soil and compost in eual proportions. Add fistful of bonemeal and neem cake to protect the plant from infestation.
🍀 Watering – watering frequency will depend upon weather conditions of each area. Water only when 1.5″ top soil becomes dry take N number of days in different cities. Plant should be watered throughly every time till water drains out from the drainage hole so that the roots get watered till the bottom of the root structure.
🍀 5. Fertilizer – Ficus is not high feeder. Composting twice a year, Once in spring and another in autumn is good for it. It will be happier manure twice in between these two major compostings. Addtionally epsom salt water can be sprayed on leaves or a spoonful of epsom salt can be added to soil occasionally.


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