Setting healthy emotional boundaries around myself and why you should too?

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Being an emotional person, I have always had my fair share of bad experiences.

Experiences where I felt guilty without my fault.

After going through a lot of anxiety and self-created guilt,

One day I said to myself-“Enough is Enough !”

I need to set up healthy boundaries around myself.

Saying NO is tough!

Saying NO takes practice.

I still falter at times, when my emotional nature takes the better of me.

Especially when the person in the situation is someone I genuinely care about.

At times, it feels selfish.

Trust me it does!

I don’t want to hurt them.

But the truth of the matter is it’s necessary to keep your sanity.

At those times, I realized that saying YES might please someone I care about,

But in the long run, it will hurt the person I should be loving the most, ME!! ♥️

Because all along I have been teaching myself that I come second in my life.

Setting Healthy boundaries is NOT saying that you should stop helping people or ignore them.

It means to prioritize your mental sanity above others.

Setting boundaries is healthy.

Setting boundaries is your responsibility.

You need to learn to respect and take care of yourself.

Because if you don’t, who else will!

Have you ever said NO to someone you cared coz it was taking your sanity?

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