Indian home remedies for hair growth and thickness

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If you are experiencing hair fall, then an Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall might be for you! The treatment is based on your doshas, or body types. If your hair loss problem has increased, then more treatment will have to be done for your hair growth.

There are several Ayurvedic treatments for hair fall depending on what type of body you have. If you have a kapha body type, then the treatment will be more intensive.

How to Prevent Hair Fall

Indian home remedies for hair growth and thickness

Are you facing Hair problems(Hair fall, Damaged hair, Splits hair, Gray hair, Fizzy hair, dandruff…)??

If yes, then this Article is really going to help you, now your struggle for hair care is over, it is useful for all types of hair and all age groups people. Here I can say Home made solutions (pure non- chemical)which add satisfactory results to your Hair beauty. Now a days in Busy life style take care of hair is biggest challenge and time- taking, you spend your money on lots of products which are available in markets but some time not satisfied with results.

I am sure after reading this complete article a beautiful smile will come on your face Because you found what you are exactly looking for and of course happy hair is happy life.

As we found in this hashing life style hair problem are very common among 100 people 90 people facing the same of different age group but people not getting proper solution for it and get tired to try different shampoos, hair treatments and so many things but not satisfied and feel hope less now you don’t need to make sad face more as we know if there is a problem solution as well.

The Reason behind it unhealthy food, busy and stressful life style, pollution, sun according to research found that above kind of life style loose essential nutrients(keratin, protein, vitamin) which our body need for proper hair growth lack of said things in our body result hair problems on early ages.

So concern of above problem here some useful Indian home remedies for healthy, happy, silky hair growth…

  • Hair Massage oil.
  • Egg and Curd hair pack.
  • Amina Menhdi hair mask.

Hair Massage oil

It will help to hair growth, grow new hair, repair damaged hair. This is best solutions ever which definitely work on ALL hair types.

Now for this you need to make a DRY POWDER of following ingredients-

  • 1 spoon Maithi (fenugreek seeds)
  • 1 spoon kalonji(black seeds )
  • Curry Patti(meethi neem)
  • Vitamin- E Capsule (easy available in general store )

Now combination of above all ingredients put in a grinder make a fine powder, its ready to use and store it in a container.

Results of using Maithi

  • Revives damaged hair-it’s a great source of protine so its control hair fall efficiently.
  • Add shine and smoothness in hair – It is a original source of Saponins.
  • Prevent scalp infection – As per Ayurveda science it a rich source of amino acid fight with dandruff.

Results of using kalonji

Its naturally contains Nigel lone, Thymoquinone which help in following ways-

  • Moisture dry hair.
  • Reduce premature graying.
  • Repair scalp cell.

Results of using curry patti

Curry patti is a great natural source of keratin, it’s a protective protein as we know keratin already present in our hair which get reduce due to pollution and sun so curry patti help to increase keratin level in hair which help to make your hair smooth, shiny, silky and healthy.

Now before one day of hair wash add this powder to your regular hair oil (coconut or whatever you use)keep it for 5-6 hours now before going to bed do massage on scalp for 15-20 minutes and do hair oiling. Next Morning take proper hair wash with your regular shampoo, and feel the your happy hair and see happiness on your face. Use it once or twice in a week for fine results at regular basis.

Egg and curd deep cleansing hair pack

  • cup curd
  • eggs

Applying method :-Take one bowl add white part of egg with curd mix it well apply combination gently on scalp till hair end. keep it for 15-20 minutes

Let it dry (its good for proper conditioning on your hair)

Rinse out with your regular shampoo (to avoid smell of eggs use shampoo 2-3 times)

Now see satisfactory result.

Results of using curd

  • Provide Smooth hair– Curd contains moisture, lactic acid, so it has strong potential to make your hair smooth.
  • Best cleaning agent –it work cleansing agent to remove dandruff, which is biggest hurdle for growth of your hair.

Results of using egg

  • Egg contain- as we know eggs are full of nutrition food it contains protein
  • vitamins A, E which are very essential to hair growth.
  • Provide conditioner.
  • Provide Healthy, silky and smooth hair- because it contain biotin, folic acid.

Amina mehndi hair mask

Buy a readymade amina herbal mehdi powder from market (easily available to any general store )

Applying methodTake one bowl put this powder add 2-4 cups water leave it for 3-4 hours.

  • Wash your hair wash.
  • Let them dry.
  • Apply this paste and keep it for 5-6 hours.
  • wash your hair WITHOUT shampoo.
  • Massage with your regular oil.
  • Next day do shampoo
  • Now see the results

Amina mehndi contains following things which are really grateful for overall of hair growth, healthy and happy hair.

Aloe Vera – it is rich in vitamins A,C,E Combination of all vitamin help to strengthen your hair, control grey hair reduce dandruff protective form sun

Amla– rich source of vitamin c its antibacterial properties improve :-

  • Darken hair naturally.
  • Shine and luster hair.
  • Its amino acid make your hair thicker, darker, bouncier.

Bhringraj- its called the “kings of herbs” it contain iron, calcium, magnesium vitamin d vitamin e(vitamin of beauty) Help to fight against fungus and bacteria, Vitamin protect against sun rays

Bramhi-To promote hair growth, Prevent brittle split ends.

Hibiscus- Rejuvenate hair, make hair silky and shiny.

Jatamansi– Prevent premature grey hair.

Maithi- Proved proper conditioner, nourishment and rejuvenate hair.

Neem– Fight skin infection, prevent dandruff.

Shikakai– work as a cleansing agent, Prevent frizzes hair.

So here its all about your Hair problems Indian home remedies, I hope it would be fruitful for people who are looking for home remedies hair problem solutions, try this in starting at least twice in a month on regular basis and make it your habit to take care of your hair.

In your busy life style take 20-30 minutes in a week for hair care (its very easy solution provided for you ) and I am sure you will find lovely, silky happy hair, and this would add extra beauty on face for sure.

Stay happy stay healthy …as happy life happy hair.

How can I make my hair grow faster and thicker home remedies?

Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall depends on the underlying cause. Home remedies for hair growth and thickness include using a hair oil treatment, a scalp massage, and eating a healthy diet.

What should I drink for hair loss?

The Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall depends on the type of hair fall. If the hair fall is due to a deficiency, then the treatment will include supplements to correct the deficiency. If the hair fall is due to a scalp infection, then the treatment will include antibiotics and antifungals. If the hair fall is due to a hormonal imbalance, then the treatment will include hormone therapy, If the hair fall is due to stress, then the treatment will include stress management therapies.

How can I regrow and thicken my hair naturally?

The Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall may depend on the person’s Dosha. The natural treatment for hair fall may include using herbs such as bhringaraj and amalaki to promote hair growth and using a scalp massage to improve blood circulation.

What is Indian secret for hair growth?

The Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall depends on the person’s prakriti or constitution. The Indian secret for hair growth is the use of herbs such as brahmi, amla, and bhringraj.

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