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LUMO Semi-Permanent Portable Air Purifier, No Filter Replacement, Personal, Desktop Air purifier, Photo-catalysis Technology, 36~48dB, No Ozone, Decompose 99.9% Germs, Viruses, Smoke, Odor (White)

Price: ₹18,225.00 - ₹8,400.00
(as of Dec 08,2021 23:15:51 UTC – Details)

Using Patented Nano Photo Catalysis Filter, LUMO Semi permanent Portable air purifier will give you whole new experience you never had before. Genuine Air Purifying is not ‘filter out’ harmful articles. We want to define it as ‘destroy’ harmful articles. With LUMO, we want to redefine real ‘Air Purifying’.


First, this product can decompose Germs, Viruses, Smoke, even VOCS that have 0.01~ 0.001㎛ size that normal HEPA-filter cannot not cover.

Second, harmful OZONE does not Emit at all. So, it could be great choice for the person who has children or Asthma Sufferers.

Third, you don’t need to worry about filter replacement because it has self-cleaning function.

This product has HIGH PRECISION TVOC SENSOR that can check IAQ (Inner Air Quality). It’s easy to know change of LED Color varying with gas concentration detected by VOCS Sensor

Less than 200: White, 200~400: Yellow, More than 400: Red

SMALL NOISE is another key feature of our product. This product has Small Noise

Low Speed Mode: 36dB, Normal Speed Mode: 42dB, Fast Speed Mode: 48dB

Instructions for Use:

1.Connect USB C-Type cable with Purifier and power bank or charger (*There’s no battery inside, so it should always be connected with power bank or charger in order to operate*)

2. After connect with power bank or charger, just press button on the top of the product for 2 seconds.


Rated voltage: 5V/Above 2.1A

Input Power: 3.1W

Size: 6.5*6.5*19cm

Power Supply: USB C-type

Item weight: 350g

Applicable area: 3.3㎡

Package including: 1x Portable Air Purifier, 1 x USB C-Type cable, 1 x Instructions for Use

*Precautions for use: This product is not just normal air purifier that filters out physical particles. It is air purifier that is intended for destroying chemical based particles such as germs, Virus, VOCs, harmful gases.

DESTROYING HARMFUL PARTICLES: This product is intended to eliminate chemical based particles such as Germs, Viruses, Smoke, Odor, even VOCs. Using Photo-catalysis Technology, so it can decompose up to 0.01㎛~ 0.001㎛ size particles. However, most air purifiers uses HEPA filter which applies ‘Filter out’ method which is intended to filter out harmful articles such as dust, pollen, dirt which has relatively big size. They cannot ‘destroy’ chemical based particles such as germs, viruses, VOCs.
OZONE FREE: Unlike Air ionizers that emit Negative Ion because of applying ‘Oxidation’, this product uses Photo-catalysis Filter which does not emit any air pollutant such as Ozone, Radon which is especially harmful for the children and Asthma sufferers
EXTREMELY PORTABLE : Have you ever imagine air purifier that makes you able to breath clean wherever you go? This may sound strange because most air purifier only can be used in fixed place. However, unlike most air purifiers, this product is portable so your imagine can be come true. With it’s 6.5CM x 6.5CM x 19CM size and 350g weight, you can carry and use it wherever you go if you connect it with portable charger. Please be safe from Germs, Viruses, VOCs, Smoke wherever you go!
HIGH PRECISION TVOC SENSOR: This product has VOCS Sensor that can check IAQ (Inner Air Quality). You can see changing of LED Color varying with gas concentration detected by VOCS Sensor; Less than 200: White, 200~400: Yellow, More than 400: Red
NICE & MODERN DESIGN : Since air purifier is home appliance, design is also very important factor if you care for interior. This product has nice & modern design suitable for any place. You can harmonize this product with its surroundings. Especially for car owners, this product can be a great gift, since it’s nice and modern design fits well with car’s interior design. Just place it into cup holders inside car, you can make your car more luxurious.


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