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Philips Air Purifier NanoProtect Filter FY1417 except formaldehyde adapter AC1210 AC1216 AC1212

Price: ₹4,000.00 - ₹2,199.00
(as of Nov 25,2021 03:35:10 UTC – Details)

Healthier Air, Always Capture harmful particles as small as PM0.02 This integrated HEPA and active carbon filter effectively captures harmful particles as small as PM0.02, incl. PM2.5, allergens, bateria and viruses. It also absorbs and locks formaldehyde, TVOC and odor inside its nano-sized pores. Healthier Air Effectively removes PM0.02 (100 times smaller than PM2.5) Absorbs and locks formaldehyde, TVOC and odor Removes up to 99.9% bacteria and viruses (H1N1) Removes up to 99.9% bacteria and virus (H1N1) Easy installation Hassel free filter maintenance with all-in-one design Long-lasting performance Massive compacity of harmful gases: CCM>1000 mg Massive compacity of harmful particles: CCM >12000 mg HEPA layer Equipped with Philip’s IPS Vitashield technology, the HEPA layer is made from ultra-fine non-woven fabric with a surface area of 1.3 m2. The performance is more long-lasting and stable. Active Carbon layer The surface area of active carbon layer is as large as 9 football fields. Removes bacteria and viruses Proved to be effective in removing up to 99.9% bateria and viruses like H1N1 by Airmid. Long-last performance F-CCM Effectively absorbs harmful gases with cumulate clean mass (CCM) that is larger than 1000 mg. Higher level performance maintains formaldehyde concentration lower than GB/T standard (0.08mg/m3). Long-last performance P-CCM Effectively absorbs particles with cumulate clean mass (CCM) that is larger than 12000 mg. The filter is made with thermal bonding technology. 12 rubber stripes, which are made with Japanese te chnology, are especially designed for the filter. They strengthen filter structure and make filtration effec ts long-lasting. There are also up to 35 layers of folding in the filter. Integrated filter Integrated HEPA and active carbon filter makes inst allation easy and convenient. Removes allergens Proved to remove allergens including pollen, dust, dust mite and p


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