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Home Steamer Inhaler Vaporizer Asbob AH-01 3 In 1 Extra Steam Vaporizer

Asbob AH-01 3 In 1 Extra Steam Vaporizer

  • Do not use RO/Filter water as it stops the steam generation process. Always Use Normal Tap Water.
  • Recommended washing the container with lukewarm water to avoid plastic smell during initial use.
  • Facial Steamer gets used for beauty purposes. You can use the sauna during facial, massaging, and at the time of clean-up. The vaporizer helps to clear the clogs and rejuvenates your skin.
  • It is suitable for respiratory ailments therapy, aromatherapy, cold nose and throat treatment, bronchitis, laryngitis, hay fever, arthritis & asthma.
  • Used on the normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin types – Makes skin become ideal neutral skin: tender, younger and healthier.

Asbob AH-01 3 In 1 Extra Steam Vaporizer, Nozzle Inhaler, and Vaporiser for Steam Inhalation

Asbob Vaporizer steamer for cough and cold are mostly used either for cold relief or skin care purposes, wherein in the case of cold & cough relief, we need a decongestion capsule or some decongest oil to put along with vaporizer so that you could get most of it. For Facial Sauna - Go clean facial sauna vaporizing machine provides you all possible solutions for your face, It keeps your skin rejuvenated, fresh & bacteria-free which produces acne/pimples, white & blackheads that leads skin problems. Facial Sauna is a defined process with 4-5 steps:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Steam
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Moisturizing.

Step 1 - Cleansing or Washing your face is the very first step to makes your skin prepare to take steam properly by removing dirt & bacteria.

Step 2 - After cleansing of the face, Take steam for 5-10 minutes to open up your pores so that blackheads or whiteheads would appear on the topmost layer of skin so that they could be removed by the exfoliation process.

Step 3 - Exfoliate or Scrubbing, this process is used to remove all the blackheads, dead skin cells, or whiteheads that appear on the topmost layer of skin after sauna steam, there is a recommendation for mild scrub can be used to do this process. Please Note- For peoples having acne/pimples on their skin do not need to exfoliate the skin, as acne got burned or irritated in this process, so stop exfoliation.

Step 4 - Moisturizing or Toning, Moisturization is very necessary to prepare skin hydrated all the times, so always apply a mild toner after exfoliation Let's help you to know your skin type & possible natural treatments: 1 - Dry/Sensitive Skin 2 - Acne/Pimple Skin 3 - Mature/Tanned Skin 4 - Oily Skin 5 - Normal / Natural Skin.


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