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Home Thermometer Beurer FT-09 Multicolor Oral Thermometer

Beurer FT-09 Multicolor Oral Thermometer

  • Digital thermometer
  • Large Display
  • 3-digit display
  • Audible signal when measuring stops
  • 1 memory place
  • 100% waterproof
  • Medical product
  • With protective cover
  • Incl. 1 x 1.55V LR41 battery
  • Display incl. 20 x 1.55V LR41 batteries
  • Pack: 12/shipping carton: 12 x 12

Beurer FT-09 Multicolor Oral Thermometer

Beurer FT-09 Multicolor Oral Thermometer offers high precision and accuracy. It doesn't contain mercury and is totally waterproof. After immediate usage, they are often easily disinfected. The thermometer also comes with a protective covering that forestalls harmful germs and bacteria. When not in use it gets automatically transitioned.

Electronic Display

This medical device features an outsized alphanumeric display. It provides accurate temperature readings in Celsius. It also gives an acoustic signal when the measurement check is complete.

Easily Disinfected

The thermometer has an optimum design that creates it safe to use. It doesn't contain mercury or glass. They are often disinfected easily and repeatedly. it's manufactured as a high-quality clinical device that's safe and straightforward to work.

Accurate Measurement


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