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Ugaoo Indoor Air Purifier Plants For Home With Pot – Money Plant Variegated & Peace Lily

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(as of Aug 14,2021 05:29:34 UTC – Details)

Money Plant Variegated (pothos) are evergreen climbers that can grow up to 20 m high, requiring no extensive care. It has have glossy, heart-shaped, green and white leathery leaves. devil’s vine is a popular houseplant that is grown indoors mostly in water. It can grow in both direct and indirect sun light. However, too much direct sun light can turn the leaves yellow and even burn them. Peace lily (officially called Spathiphyllum) is a member of the Araceae family and grows in the tropical rainforests of Colombia and Venezuela Ranked third by NASA in removing three of most common air pollutants— formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

Air Purifier, Low Maintenance and easy to grow plant.
Removes Formaldehyde, Benzene & Carbon Monoxide
NASA Recommended Top Air Purifying Indoor Plant
Watering Schedule – Twice a week.


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